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Endless assorted 7pcs Beauty Blender w/ 1 stand

Endless assorted 7pcs Beauty Blender w/ 1 stand


What you get?

2x Teardrop-shape Sponges (2Different Colors)

2x Olive-shape Sponges with Flat Edge (2 Different Colors)

2x Pear-shape Sponges(2 Different Colors)

1x Sponge holder (Gold or Rose Gold) select choice in drop down menu.

You can utilize blender in dry products, such as foundation or loose powder. You can utilize blenders with creamy or milky products such as concealer, lotions or cream. Be careful with the blenders they are super soft.

How to clean?

Step 1. Wet the sponge with warm water, apply a few drops of a mild cleanser, and lather gently using the fingers to release the makeup, oil, and bacteria.

Step 2. Rinse the sponge under running water until the water runs clear.

Step 3. Squeeze out any excess moisture and air dry it.

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